Horseshoe Nails


Mustad Horseshoe Nails are manufactured to the highest quality standard in the industry, with a production tolerance of only 0.05mm. Mustad nails are strong, with a precisely formed head and tapered shank. Specially shaped angles at the nail point ensure ultimate control when nailing. Mustad’s two-way co-operation with farriers from all over the world, in combination with advanced research and manufacturing know how, provide the best possible horseshoe nail in the industry.


Derby nails are the result of 30 years of constant effort and refinement to make a product with all the features of quality the market requires. The demand for this product all over the world is proof of the efficiency, quality and reliability. “QUALITY: it’s the detail that counts.”


Aussie BH 3.5
Aussie BH 4
Aussie BH 5
Aussie E 3
Aussie E 4
Aussie E 5
Aussie Race 5

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