Professional Farrier Tools


O’Dwyer Anvils
There are three different sizes of O’Dwyer Anvils, 20kg (44lb), 40kg (88lb) and 95kg (209lb).
O’Dwyer Centurion AnvilEuropean style, the “Centurion” is designed with a flat horn and a large working face, available in one size, 38kg. Centurion is made from high tensile 4140 steel.

O’Dwyer Gas Forge (GF1)

The twin burners provide even heat at a constant temperature. The design gives the farrier flexibility to be working on several items at the one time.  This forge is 400mm long, 250mm deep and 280mm high.

Damacus Forge (GF3)

The “Damacus” has side entry ports to enable length of material to be worked on, 460mm long, 270mm deep and 270mm high. Designed specifically for the professional farrier. Ideal for Forge welding and General Blacksmithing.

Farrier & Vet Tools 

  • Mustad driving hammer 300, 355 and 470 gr
  • Mustad forging hammer round 800/1100 gr
  • Mustad forging hammer round/square
  • Mustad forepunch E-head
  • Mustad creaser
  • Mustad rawhide hammer
  • Mustad clinch cutter
  • Mustad under clinch gouge
  • Mustad clinching block USA style
  • Mustad pritchel


  • Easy 15″ Nipper
  • Pull Offs
  • Crease Nail Puller
  • Half-Round Nipper
  • Clinchers – Curved Jaw, Low Nail Curved Jaw
  • Hoof Testers
  • Clinch Cutter
  • Chisel & V-Style Hardies
  • Eventer Plus
  • Hoof Nippers
  • Libero
  • Continental
  • Delta Challenger

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